Giving our agents access to the best technology, skill and tool development training is imperative in keeping them at the forefront of their business. Whether attending a virtual or recorded session from the BHGRE Learning Center or taking part in small group training sessions from our in-house trainer, an agent's options for receiving the right training when needed is accessible and tailored to their needs.

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In-House Technology Training

Technology from websites, to social media, creating the perfect listing presentation, navigating e-signing and so much more, can be SO MUCH of a headache. Here at BHGRE Palmetto we leverage the brands already outstanding trainings and take it up a level. In-House technology trainings are provided throughout the month to help support our agents.

Monthly Business Meeting

These weekly meetings are optional. A principal feature of our company is coming together weekly via zoom is to discuss relevant real estate topics, the latest industry trends, training on new tools and hearing guest speakers who bring expert advice that pertain to specific areas of the real estate world.


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GROW is productivity training that is boosting the effectiveness of agents nationwide. Using a combination of skill building, teamwork, and prospecting, highly-engaged participants achieved ten appointments in four weeks. The long-term benefit to you is a more productive agent who is easier to retain and who tells agents in other companies about you and your commitment to success.

Mentorship & Coaching

If you are New to Real Estate, we offer many avenues for one-on-one support. Or if you are an experienced agent looking to grow your business through different revenue opportunities. Contact us about our mentorship and coaching program.

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Be Better University

Be Better University® is your one-stop destination for the learning resources of BHGRE. Whether you are looking to attend a live class, watch on demand learning, or review class materials, Be Better University is your place to go. Our learning is facilitated in three ways, locally in our offices, virtually online or live in the classroom by our BHGRE trainers and on demand in Be Better University.